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Jessie is a Malaysian-Chinese dance artist, movement specialist, choreographer and writer based in London.  With a background in contemporary dance and theatre and ballet training, her current and past creative endeavours in Europe involve contemporary dance theatre, physical acting and character work within the areas of site-specific, immersive dance theatre, stage and opera, and TV and film. She has previously worked across artistic, corporate and commercial platforms ranging from live events to music videos, to gallery installations and theatre performances in Asia.


Her debut work as choreographer was Pursuit of Perfection in 2017 in Hong Kong. Since then she has directed, produced and performed performance-installation works in London, such as This Is The Way It Is (2019) and Letters to Ma (2021). She is also Associate Dancer of Watkins Dance Company, Associate Partner of the Artists, and Dance Artist of Ranbu Collective.

Jessi's Classes: Contemporary/ Choreography

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Jessie also worked with children and young people in creative dance classes as assistant and teacher within East and South-East London, focusing on developing young people’s approach to creative movement through contemporary dance. In February 2020, she published her debut poetry book, Manuscripts of the Mind with Ghost and Ribbon Publishing. She has received multiple scholarship awards including Leverhulme Arts scholarship (2019-21) in MFA Choreography and Trinity Dance Award (2018) at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. 



Jessie Jing
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