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Co-Founder | Director | Instructor

Terri is a British choreographer, co-founder, dance director and instructor at K ARC Dance Studio. She also worked as movement artist and model. She has been featured on BBC 3, Dave Channel, various TVCs with Vodafone, Walker, Comfort, Mooboo, etc. She has worked as backup dancer for multiple British artists on their music videos, performed at the O2 and the Brit Awards show. As an instructor she wants to create a welcoming dance culture and make dance enjoyable to students of all levels and backgrounds. As a choreographer she aims to push the creative boundaries and get her students to try out different styles and techniques. Her ultimate goal is to see her students progress and gain confidence the more they dance.

Terri's Classes: K-Pop, Commercial, Original Series

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Terri began her dance journey at university, starting in Modern and Ballroom. She started her intense dance training focusing on hip hop and commercial styles after moving to London, taking many classes at London-based studios such as Pineapple, Studio 68 and Base while going on dance holiday to take master classes at studios in other countries such as Prepix, 1 Million Dance Studio, Level 6 in Seoul (South Korea) and Millennium Dance Complex (Germany). She founded K ARC Studio in 2019 with the vision to create a new supportive platform for dancers of all levels to enjoy while bridging the gap between dance, K-pop music and Asian culture.  



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"Few teachers are equally kind and strict, always pushing your absolute best and make choreos that get you smiling this much. So much love to Terri and can't wait to see what the future holds. Thank you"


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